The components in commercial aviation are subjected to considerable stresses. During regular maintenance, these parts are frequently reworked or replaced.

CAP has focused on these wear parts in the areas of carbon and plastic glass.

CAP has analyzed the original parts and incorporated improvements to simplify assembly or increase durability. CAP continues to expand its product line, offering cost-effective, high-quality replacement parts or value-added rework.

We offer high-quality replacement parts for the ATR 72 and ATR 42 series. We are constantly expanding our range – please contact us.


First-class quality and high product reliability do not conflict with sustainability and environmental protection. The careful use of resources and the durability of the products protect the environment and reduce costs.

The use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies enables production in Europe with attractive working conditions and high environmental standards in line with fair prices.


Digitally controlled processes, modern manufacturing methods in forming, machining and surface finishing as well as complete quality assurance are the foundation. Many years of experience in the development, construction and maintenance of aircraft with modern materials build on this. We focus on composite wear parts and transparent components.